Alexa Rose - Low and Lonesome at Soundsmiths

Low and Lonesome.jpg

Well, the title is a bit misleading. Alexa didn't actually get low (and/or lonesome) at Soundsmiths, as this was not a client-attended session. However, after wrapping the mix with Echo Mountain's Clay Miller, Alexa hired us to master the album. Low and Lonesome (iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon)

Perhaps the best word portrait of the album would be this review. And for a glimpse into Alexa's back story prior to this record, I recommend this article. I love the layers of meaning in her lyrics. It's easy just to listen at the surface level, and I recommend it the first few times through. But with repeated listening, it's hard to miss that more is being said than the literal or obvious. The tasty arrangements and spot-on performances of the supporting musicians are the perfect setting for the jewel that is Alexa's voice. I can't think of anybody I've played this for who hasn't liked it, and that rarely happens!

Keying off the lead vocal as the unifying element of the album, I mastered this to retain the mix engineer's decision to keep her voice front and center, but well-supported by the band, and I did nothing to take away the gentle biting indie edge as I preserved some room for the music to bloom and retain some dynamic range, without any hint of wimpiness.

Thank you, Alexa, for trusting me with your "baby," and I look forward to following your career, and hopefully working together many more times!

Official video for Ayd Rien, from the upcoming album, "Low and Lonesome," out January 2017 Copyright 2016 Alexa Rose Music Filmed by Daniel Barlow
Stephen Smith