Soundsmiths in Time Sawyer's Wildest Dreams!

Wildest Dreams.jpg

After wrapping up with Jim Georgeson at Asheville's Echo Mountain Studio, Time Sawyer entrusted to Soundsmiths the mastering of their latest album Wildest Dreams. (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon)

This album was glowingly reviewed at Huffington Post, and that's a fair summary, but I'm pretty sure the "Marshall Tucker Band" reference gives a false impression. Sam Tayloe's vocal style is closer to Jim Croce than any of the (very country-inflected) vocalists for MTB. The lyrics are inventive, highly metaphorical, and thought-provoking, and the music is not so much "southern rock" as indie rock meets Appalachian-tinged New Acoustic. That's a big distinction in my book.

By turns hard-edged and tender, this is one of those albums that will have you head-bobbing one minute and scratching your head the next thinking about the lyrics. I don't know about you but I like lyrics that don't only mean one thing one way!

Mastered so as to pull the listener into the music and enable a sense of open space for every element to occupy, you might find yourself physically leaning into these songs, and that is always a Very Good Thing! Best wishes to Sam and the band for a successful release, tour and all the rest!


Stephen Smith