Ashley Heath - Nothing Like the Same Ol' Blue!



Our post-Valentine days of February were brightened by a genuine ray of sunshine, the indefatigable Ashley Heath, whose new album Where Hope Never Dies Soundsmiths had the honor of mastering.     iTunes, Amazon, and cdbaby

I don't care if your tastes run toward Delta and gospel origins, or on to Janis or Bonnie, or places country (and the Brits) took the blues artform, or any current derivative of any of those, if you're southern, some form of this music runs in your blood. Blues is the great southern equalizer!

And this album has a clear kinship with a wide cross-section of blues styles. There's something organic and culturally significant about the collection of originals here.

Ashley deserves credit also for assembling, cultivating and performing with such a first rate band of musicians. This is the first album to bear the full name of their group, and every player steps up and earns it on every song. 

Echo Mountain engineer Clay Miller has mixed a gem of a record here, and I'm happy to join forces with him in helping to realize that quality vision. But it all begins with the songs, and those fabulous performances. Producer Ryan Burns helped assure those aspects stayed front and center, and the arrangements and production are minimal but never stingy. You think "just enough" and "just right."

Ashley would like to allow you to stream a single from the album in my Mastering Samples. Listen to "We'll Be Angels" on this page.

You may purchase and/or stream Where Hope Never Dies at these sites: iTunes, Amazon, and cdbaby






Stephen Smith