Hunter Cox - Not Just Any Superman



Earlier this week, Hunter Cox brought his unique singer/songwriter skills to Soundsmiths to master his new CD, A Different Kind of Superman.

With a mix of acoustic ballads and heartland rock tunes, and a vocal style somewhere between John Prine and John Mellencamp, Hunter delivered up ten songs on not so much original themes as unique perspectives, with by turns dark and haunting tones (aided by such instrumentation as cello and banjo), and brighter heavier tones (with a small acoustic-electric rock combo). You may find yourself as I did hearing a host of influences and stylistic cross-currents in the music, while not failing to be moved on many levels.

Expertly mixed by Clay Miller at Echo Mountain, the client-attended mastering session produced a final product sure to appeal to indie fans as well as mainstream audiences, and to transcend categorization. As soon as the album is released, we'll post links here, so check back if you're interested.

Thanks for the opportunity, Hunter, and we wish you well with the album and your career!


Hunter Cox in Echo Mountain's iconic sanctuary room preparing for a take.
Stephen Smith